Falcon One

Falcon One is for sale

Own this exquisitely crafted built Van’s RV-12 for less than it would cost you to build it yourself. The aircraft comes with a custom interior, under 300 total hours, Dynon Skyview Touch with ForeFlight wireless integration, autopilot, navigational/landing lights, custom paint, cruises at 110 knots while only burning 5 gal/per of auto fuel. Fresh annual inspection with sale, 10 hours of transitional training.

Falcon One Information

Falcon One is a Van’s RV-12, a two-seat all-metal side-by-side airplane. It is licensed under the FAA Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) rules. The RV-12 is an exceptional flying aircraft for all pilots and experience levels. The wings are removable, making the aircraft easy to transport on a trailer and store off-airport.

Rotax 912 Engine

Falcon One is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine. This engine has been proved to be durable, reliable, and economical. It can use either unleaded autogas or 100LL. The RV-12 is designed to carry two 210 lb people, 20 gallons of fuel ,and 50 lbs of baggage.


Falcon One is equipped with the optional lighting package, which includes navigational strobes, position lights, and a landing light. This meets all FAA requirements for nighttime operations. The airplane has a fitted complete set of wheel fairings to protect the wings and tail while adding a couple of knots, and a complete custom interior package with carpets and sidewall covers.

Dynon Avionics SkyView Touch

Falcon One is furnished with a Dynon SkyView Touch Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and glass cockpit. This system includes synthetic vision, two-axis autopilot, full moving map, ADS-B with traffic and weather, on-screen checklist, ADHARS that integrate with ForeFlight, large engine monitoring, and much more.


Falcon One is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS. This power plant gives the airplane a top speed of 135 mph while only burning 5 gal/hr of unleaded auto fuel. The aircraft has a takeoff distance 700 feet, a landing distance of 525 feet. a 900 fpm rate of climb, and a ceiling of 13,800 feet. This gives Falcon One a range of 614 miles at 75% power.

Self-Sustaining Program

With the completion of our second aircraft, our first aircraft is being sold. The second aircraft will remain at the school and will be used by students for flight instruction and other educational proposes. All subsequent planes will be sold, with the funds used to sustain the program.

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